POWER 80 Chocolate Gelato

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  • Fabrizio Di Marzio -
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Treat your customers to a genuine chocolate power bomb of 80% cocoa solids! Expect authentic Italian ice cream that brings out a very intense chocolate taste with less sweetness but with more roasted cocoa notes thanks to the most intense Finest Belgian Chocolate out there: POWER 80. This recipe is perfect for true chocolate-lovers who want to create a real delicious showstopper from scratch.

Recipe components

Used Callebaut products

POWER 80 Chocolate Gelato

  • 1bag(s)
  • 2kg
    hot water (70°-85°)


  • 1kg
    whole milk
  • 1kg
    hot water (70°-85°)
  • 800g
    Power 80

Mix together with immersion blender for ± 2 mins.
Leave to rest in refrigerator (3-5°C) for ± 30 mins.
Pour into batch freezer and start churning.
Leave to rest in blast freezer to obtain more stability and better structure.
4 kg (± 4.5 L) of gelato ready to serve.

Finishing & presentation:

Decorate with pieces of Callebaut Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate POWER 80.