Recipe components

Gluten free chocolate cake

  • 165g
  • 200g
    Power 80
  • 442g
    egg white
  • 165g
  • 285g
    Egg yolk
  • 75g

make sabayon with eggs and sugar. Warm chocolate to 45c, fold into sabayon. Make meringue with egg white and sugar. Fold into chocolate sabayon. Bake at 180c 13 mins. 

Earl grey milk chocolate cremeux


Make infusion with milk and earl grey. Strain the milk earl tea and continue to make ganache with with sorbitol and dextrose and dark chocolate. Add the butter into ganache at 40 and emulsify with a power immersion blender. Reserve till use.

Reconstituted Compote

  • 300g
    blackberry puree
  • 100g
    strawberry puree
  • 90g
    raspberry puree
  • 105g
  • 9g
    pectin X58
  • 10g
    lime puree
  • 100g
    Black currants, fresh or frozen
  • 100g
    poached blackcurrant juice

Warm the purees upto 45c. Add the pectin x58 mixed with sugar and heat up to 80c.  Stop cooking and whisk in the lemon puree.  Set in Gn pan. To reconstitute the compote to form a gel Blend the compote with black current jus to give a smooth texture. Reserve until use.

Intense chocolate mousse


Make cream anglais by poaching milk cream sugar and egg yolk to 82c. add it to melted chocolates. Cool down to 40c and fold in whipped cream

Chocolate streusel reconstituted


Make gluten free crumble with butter , brown sugar  sea salt  and almond powder. Bake at 165c for 15mins.  Once cooled add into melted chocolate to make a sticky chocolate streusel. Line the ring with the sticky streusel. Reserve in chiller.

White glaze


Boil milk, cream and glucose add to the white chocolate and make a ganache. Warm neutral glaze and condense milk and blend into the ganache with gelatin . Add colour as needed.

Spider glaze

  • 100g
    neutral icing
  • 3g
    Silver colour


Edible flower
Dark Chocolate garnish