Mini Pâtisserie para festa por Davide Comaschi

Mini Pâtisserie para festa por Davide Comaschi

O chef David Comaschi recebeu o World Guinness Record em 2018 pela criação do maior panetone artístico do mundo e ganhou o World Chocolate Masters em 2013. Comaschi vem pela primeira vez ao Brasil para ministrar este curso exclusivo. Aqui, ele vai revelar as diferentes técnicas para produzir mini pâtisseries de forma rápida, padronizada e com grande precisão e qualidade. Assim você conseguirá montar maravilhosas mesas de festa ou criar uma vitrine com uma grande variedade de mini doces.

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CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Brasil, São Paulo
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You are working as a professional with a good knowledge about the process of chocolate. You have a good knowledge about tempering of chocolate, basic techniques, etc. So, we won't spend time on theory about tempering and cooling of chocolate.

Designed for participants who are confident with chocolate having worked as a craftsperson for some time or have completed a Beginner Course.

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CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Brasil, São Paulo
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Davide Comaschi

Born in 1980, Davide Comaschi, already a teenager, decides that pastry is his vocation. After training at CAPAC (Polytechnic of Commerce and Tourism), he began his work experience in one of the historic laboratories of Milan, of which he soon became a pastry chef. Here it is perfected thanks to Vincenzo Santoro, one of the most appreciated Milanese confectioners. In the same period, he met the Maestro Iginio Massari with whom he undertook a long collaboration both in the framework of the CAST Alimenti courses and in the preparation of the World Chocolate Masters.

In 2010 he joined AMPI, the Italian Master Pastry Masters Academy and in 2013 won the World Chocolate Masters in Paris.

In 2016 he became the testimonial of the Salon du Chocolat in Paris, Milan edition, and in the same year he became director of the Chocolate Academy ™ Center in Milan.

He also graduated in Culinary Nutrition at the prestigious Art joins Nutrition Academy and became a member of the Scientific Committee ASSIC (Association for Nutritional Safety in the Kitchen), formed by authoritative representatives of the world of science and health.

Director of the Chocolate Academy ™ Center Milan will take care of all the educational proposals and will personally conduct some pastry and chocolate courses.