Confectionery Technology 1

Confectionery Technology 1

In this course you will produce nice  range of praline, tablet bars and learn number of techniques in the way of processing ganache and use enrobing machine.  The course will teach you about the interiors with trendy recipes and ingredients as well as all kind of ideas for the finishing of the products in an innovative way.  We will also explain how to improve the shelf life and how process effects quality and flavors.

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Level 2


  • Fatima K RahmanChef
  • Panagiotis SamarasChef
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Level Level 2


You are working as a professional with a good knowledge about the process of chocolate. You have a good knowledge about tempering of chocolate, basic techniques, etc. So, we won't spend time on theory about tempering and cooling of chocolate.

Designed for participants who are confident with chocolate having worked as a craftsperson for some time or have completed a Beginner Course.

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Fatima K Rahman

A food enthusiast from her early years, Fatima’s experiments in the kitchen began under her grandmother’s patient tutelage. Despite familial roots in the FMCG sector in the Middle East and enriching experience in marketing , her passion for pastry would not be overcome. It led her to some of the best culinary schools - City & Guild & Le Cordon Bleu Paris in 2010. She co-founded a pastry venture in her native India and then moved to Paris for creative pastry, working with some MOF accredited chefs. Having worked in France, a luxury chocolate boutique and in artistry, her experience includes training in Sugar Craft by Knightsbridge PME School of Confectionery Arts. Her experience in marketing, business development and budgeting come through her endeavors to be an educator in chef instruction and developing course structures. On a quest to learn, formulate recipes and impart knowledge, she joined the Chocolate Academy early 2017.

Panagiotis Samaras

Panagiotis Samaras, born in Greece, started his pastry career since he was a child. He was growing up together with his family pastry shop in Ptolemaida. He picked up his skills from his experienced father and at the age of 16 he entered the Organization of Technical Education of Greece in Thessaloniki to become a pastry chef. After he graduated in 2007, he returned and took over his father’s pastry shop and worked on French and traditional Greek cuisine. And during these times he found his passion for chocolate and confectionery.

After eight years of successful operation, he decided to move to Dubai to expand his own culinary horizons. Before joining our Chocolate Academy™ center in Dubai, he worked in French Bistro and Boulangerie at “La Serre”