Where trends meet

What will the future look like in 2020? What will consumers - and more specifically the new generation of spenders called millennials - find important in their everyday choices?... AND which choices will they make in picking your chocolate delights?

During our Callebaut event “Where Trends Meet Chocolate” around 80 Chefs from the Middle East gathered in Dubai to discover that in terms of trends and chocolate the future looks bright, colorful and filled with goodness! Through recipes created by our international Chefs: Philippe Marand, Marc Pauquet and Krsto Radovic we explored three main trends. You are welcome to explore the trendy recipes created by our Chefs below and join the journey to a place where TRENDS MEET CHOCOLATE.

Chef Philippe Marand shares his take on the trend CONFECTIONERY RELOADED, where four recipes filled with delicious flavours, contrasting textures and exciting new shapes will thrill all of your senses!

Chef Marc Pauquet brings you DESSERTS ON THE GO with his three recipes that will both boost your mood with satisfying flavours and enhanced colors and be convenient enough to bring on-the-go, for your “dessert moment” whenever and wherever it suits you.

Chef Krsto Radovic lets you revisit childhood memories with a modern twist through his three recipes based on the trend CLASSICS WITH A TWIST, retaining the essence of the classic recipes you love while still being even more creative, eye-catching and modern than before.

Tuesday, 16 May, 2017
Where trends meet chocolate
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