Nuts & Nut pastes: a delicious match with chocolate

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Nuts and nut pastes

Pure natural goodness with a fresh, fruity nut taste

Callebaut offers you a whole and broken hazelnuts and almonds grown in selected orchards around the world. They’re shelled just hours before roasting to bring out their crisp, fresh, fruity taste and subtle crunch.

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The best of crunchy nuts and sweet caramel united

For our bresiliennes, we briefly roast premium nuts to awaken their deepest flavours and turn them into crisp, golden delights. Then they’re broken into pieces and deeply caramelised in copper panning drums. With a choice from hazelnut, almond and pistachio bresilienne, you’ve got it all to rock the taste with a heavenly crunch.

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Pure and unsweetened or deeply caramelised: a tasty choice

Nuts and chocolate remain among many chocolate lovers preferred flavour combinations - with almond, hazelnut and pistachio leading the top 5. Hence why Callebaut crafts a fine selection of pure, unsweetened nut pastes and caramelised nut pralines for you. They’re a perfect match for chocolate fillings, patisserie crèmes and ice creams.

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Chocolate and nuts: a match made in heaven

Great ingredients were often invented by accident, or in times of scarcity. When Italian confectioners in the 17th century were short in cocoa beans, they started mixing hazelnuts with chocolate. Gianduja was born. Callebaut does its own take with Finest Belgian Chocolate and pure hazelnut paste. Anyone would go nuts for it…

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Turn your bakes into lusciously filled delights

Is there anything better than freshly baked crisps rolls and puffs filled with a luscious nut cream? Here’s a selection of Callebaut’s ready-to-use nut fillings that perfectly resist oven temperatures and fill the bakery with the sweet scent of seduction.

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Recipes with nuts and nut pastes