Finest Belgian Chocolate – White
Recipe n° CW2

The classic creamy white chocolate with less fluidity - great for ganaches and moulding bigger figures

Recipe N° CW2

Mix and flavour with the most iconic white chocolate.
This iconic white chocolate has the exact same wonderful balance between milky, creamy and vanilla notes as Recipe N° W2.
Its thick fluidity however, makes it the ideal white chocolate recipe for mixing and flavouring mousses, crèmes and ganaches. Because of its pleasing taste, it can be paired with a wide range of ingredients.
Enjoy great end results every time!

With this chocolate, you support cocoa farmers

The Finest Belgian Chocolate needs the finest cocoa beans. Today and tomorrow. For every pack of Finest Belgian Chocolate you buy, we reinvest a part in sustainable cocoa farming through the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.

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balanced - milky - creamy - vanilla hints

Low fluidity
Taste profile
  • 1
  • 3.5
  • 1
  • 2
  • 2
  • % min. Cocoa25.9
    % Cocoa butter27.4
  • % min. Milk23.7
    % Milk fat6.5
    17.2% Fat free milk
  • % Fat33.9
    % Cocoa butter27.4
    6.5% Milk fat
Bean origin
To achieve a perfectly balanced and round taste, we blend cocoa beans from 3 different countries of origin: Ivory Coast, Ghana and Ecuador.

Available packaging

  • CW2NV-595
    Callets™ 10kg bag

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  • CW2NV-595Callets™ | 10kg bag | 2 bags/box | lost pallet (600kg)

Shelf life

  • 12 months


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