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Lift the taste sensation of your creations with a delightfully crunchy texture

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Crunchy textures

The tiniest chocolate pearl on Earth – big in taste, high in crunch

Deliciously coated with chocolate on the outside, the biggest surprise in Crispearls™ comes from the tiny toasted biscuit on the inside. Or how a tiny pearl can create a big effect in and on your sweet delights.

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Ready to rock the taste buds?

They've got the raw looks, the gloss, the snap and the intense chocolate taste to give your desserts, bakes and pastries that rough, tasty edge you've been looking for. The new ChocRocks™ are just awesome to add a crunchy bit of rock’n roll to your creations. 

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The pure essence of the cocoa bean

Cocoa nibs are the roasted kernels of the cocoa bean, without their shells. They make for an amazing ingredient to add a delicious toasted cocoa taste and crunchy texture to chocolates, desserts or even savoury dishes.

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Pure natural goodness with a fresh, fruity nut taste

Callebaut offers you whole and broken hazelnuts and almonds grown in selected orchards around the world. They’re shelled just hours before roasting to bring out their crisp, fresh, fruity taste and subtle crunch.

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The light and less sweet crisp for confectionery and pastries

Callebaut’s Pailleté Feuilletine are crumbled caramelised biscuits. It remains deliciously crunchy when mixed with chocolate, pralines or fillings (free from cream, milk or moist). Great to lift the taste sensation of chocolates and pastries with a surprising crisp, comparable to nougatine, yet less sweet.

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Recipes with crunchy textures