Honey & chocolate ice cream

Created by

  • Stephan Grijspeerd - Chef at De Zoete Zonde Belgium
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Flavoured chocolates make for a wonderful ingredient to create exciting desserts. This ice cream for instance is flavoured with honey chocolate - made with natural honey - giving it the best of both worlds: an indulgent touch of milk chocolate with the lovely sweetness of honey. Caramel pops add a delightful bit of crispness.

Recipe components

Honey & chocolate ice cream


Melt the chocolate and mix with the rice pops. Leave to harden in the freezer. Break the pops again into grains.

Melt the Honey Callets™ and mix in the ice cream composition. Churn and fill 1/3 of the tray with the ice cream. Sprinkle the caramel chocolate rice pops on top. Fill further with 1/3 of ice cream and repeat until the tray is filled.