Delicately Roasted Whole Pistachios

Freshly roasted for a fruity-nutty flavour and delicate crisp.
Carefully choosing the best crops in orchards all over the world, Callebaut® guarantees only premium quality pistachio products with the freshest nut taste you will find. Harvested when they're fully sunripe and stored under the best conditions, our pistachios preserve maximum flavour and natural properties. They are minimally processed and packed in less than 12 hours after being shelled. 
These pistachios are only lightly roasted to preserve their naturally fruity and delicate taste and skinned to offer you the purest produce possible.
They're great for decorating pastries, desserts and ice cream or for texturizing confectioneries. They're also the most wonderful base for making your homemade pistachio praline.

Where to find Callebaut?

Crispy bite with fresh fruitiness and very light toasted flavour.

Roast level
Fresh, vivid green colour
How to use

Sprinkle on top of confectionery or use as a base for homemade pralines

Main features

Crispy and fresh green colour

Available packagings

  • Delicately Roasted Whole Pistachios
    1kg vacuum bag

Order code

  • NUO-WN-PI1B-T66 | 1kg vacuum bag | 3 bags/box

Shelf life

  • 9 months