Creme dell'Artigiano Mandorla
The smooth baking crème with almond taste

Spoil your customers with pastries and rolls filled with subtly sweet almond crème

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Creme dell'Artigiano Mandorla

Lovely smooth, creamy almond flavour.
Count on Creme dell'Artigiano Mandorla to add a smooth filling with a delicate almond taste and a velvet-like mouthfeel to your rolls, croissants and pastries. This baking paste easily resists oven temperatures up to 200°C and is just perfect for filling and baking. After baking, the cream remains smooth and soft without hardening or drying out. Applying is as easy: just soften of slightly heat the crème before piping it onto unbaked dough slabs.
Creme dell'Artigiano can also be used for glazing pastries and entremets. After heating it up to 40°C and applying it to pastries, Creme dell'Artigiano sets rather quickly, but keeps its soft, smooth texture and great mouthfeel.
Creme dell'Artigiano Mandorla owes its great taste and texture to its unique composition based on almonds and non-hydro vegetable fats. 

Where to find Callebaut?

Smooth and sensational baking paste with almond taste.

Pale creamy
How to use

Just soften before piping or glazing.

Main features

Resists oven temperatures up to 200°C.

Available packaging

  • Liquid 25kg bucket

Order code

  • N01-OH40ZV-667Liquid | 25kg bucket

Shelf life

  • months