Hot Chocolate Treasure Chest – Filled
Spoil your customers with choice

Classy wooden box filled with sachets of Hot Chocolate Callets™

Hot Chocolate Treasure Chest

A discovery box filled with exciting chocolate flavours.
This treasure chest for Callebaut®’s Hot Chocolate sachets is filled with 6 exciting chocolate flavours for an indulgent Belgian hot chocolate. While you're steaming the milk, your customers can make their choice and discover the exciting story behind your chocolate. After that, they melt and stir in their pick-of-the day and enjoy endlessly. 

Where to find Callebaut?

Filled with 6 different hot chocolate varieties (5 sachets per variety).

Main features

Wooden box filled with 6 x 5 sachets.

Available packagings

  • Hot Chocolate Treasure Chest

Order code

  • CHF-CHOCB1-M04 |

Shelf life

  • 12 months