Are you a beginner looking to learn the basic skills of working with chocolate, such as crystallisation, moulding and dipping? Then this course is designed for you!
In this practical theoretical course of introduction to the world of Chocolate 1.0, we take a journey through the history of cocoa, the origins and the transformation process. This course will help any beginner master crystallisation techniques, dipping and moulding, as well as introduce you to ganache and emulsion. This course is a duration of three days, mastering the fundamentals of working with chocolate in order for you to gain a solid foundation of chocolate knowledge
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CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre South Africa
Level 1
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Level Level 1


You are working as a professional or want to start up a business, and you have less or no experience in the field of chocolate.

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CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre South Africa
Experience the start of a new Chocolate chapter in Africa.
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