'Chocolate Flowers' 2.0 class by Seung Yun Lee

'Chocolate Flowers' 2.0 class by Seung Yun Lee



A chocolate flower is an arrangement of chocolates done in a way to mimic conventional floral bouquets. Learn to create life-like chocolate flowers that are perfect application for chocolate sculptures, showpieces, wedding cake garnishes and center pieces.

This 2-days workshop will focus on making a variety of chocolate flowers and finishing with vase. You will create your own edible chocolate flowers that not only look good but taste delicious too.


  • Technical skills to reproduce a variety of chocolate flowers and finishing with chocolate vase.
  • The delicate art of making chocolate petals
  • Advanced colouring techniques
  • Producing life-like flower creations


Prerequisite: “Chocolate 1.0 - Discovering Chocolate Bon Bon & Praline”; or proficiency in hand crystallization of chocolate and piping techniques.

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CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Singapore
Level 2
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You are working as a professional with a good knowledge about the process of chocolate. You have a good knowledge about tempering of chocolate, basic techniques, etc. So, we won't spend time on theory about tempering and cooling of chocolate.

Designed for participants who are confident with chocolate having worked as a craftsperson for some time or have completed a Beginner Course.

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CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Singapore

The CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ SINGAPORE is an initiative by leading Gourmet brands Cacao Barry®, Callebaut® and Carma®, aimed at artisans and professionals who want to improve their working skills in chocolate and learn new trends, techniques and recipes.

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