Sugar Free Liquorice Caramel Bars

Created by

  • John Costello - UK Callebaut Ambassador
level 1

Recipe components

Mould Preparation

  • IBC White cocoa butter
  • IBC Bronze creative powder

Crystallise the white cocoa butter.
Flick bar mould with prepared white cocoa butter.
Once dry dust the mould with Bronze creative powder.

Shelling of mould

  • 2000g

Shell Moulds with tempered with No Added Sugar dark chocolate.

Liquorice Caramel Filling

  • 300g
    agave syrup

Heat to 170°C.

  • 170g
    whipping cream
  • liquorice oil

Recook to 115°C.

  • 170g
    unsalted butter

Stir in.

Recook to 85% of total solids – approximately 120°C.
Allow to cool.
Pipe into prepared moulds.
Close Chocolates with Pre-crystallised No Added Sugar Chocolate.