Cherry in the snow

Created by

  • Alexandre Bourdeaux - Chef and owner of Pastry&Chocadvice Belgium
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When cutting this cake at the Xmas table, it will surely create a wonderful surprise for your guests or customers. And that's not only for the white and red contrast on the inside. This recipe combines the sweet taste of sun-ripened cherries with a light almond-flavoured chantilly cream. Add this to the base of chocolate sponge and dark chocolate ganache, and the oh's and ah's will rise up from the table.

Cherry in the snow

Recipe components

Chocolate sponge cake


Melt at 45 °C.

  • 162g
  • 144g
    egg yolks

Mix and beat. Add to the chocolate.

  • 270g
    egg white
  • 180g
    caster sugar

Mix and whip up. Fold into the chocolate.

  • 99g
  • 9g
    baking powder

Mix with the chocolate, and pour into buttered and floured cake rings. Bake at 180 °C for 25 minutes.

Cherry jelly

  • 568g
    red cherry puree

Heat up to 40 °C.

  • 64g
    invert sugar
  • 68g
    gelatin mass

Dissolve in fruit puree. Pour into triangular Demarle® mould and 2 circular Flexipan® moulds (ø 16 cm).

  • Q.S.
    frozen Morello cherries

Dress with cherries and freeze.

Light ganache

  • 144g
    whole milk
  • 144g
    35% cream
  • 53g
    egg yolks
  • 53g
    caster sugar

Prepare a crème anglaise.

Pour crème anglaise over chocolate and emulsify. Spread out on a tray and keep in a fridge to crystallize overnight.

Chantilly cream of almonds and kirsch

  • 306g
    whole milk
  • 245g
    Pure Roasted Almond Paste

Bring milk to a boil and pour over paste. Emulsify.

  • 43g
    gelatin mass

Add gelatine mass and leave to cool.

  • 28g
  • 379g
    whipped cream 35%

Add kirsch and whipped cream.

Finishing and presentation


Cover with dark chocolate glazing Callebaut® ChocO’shine™ FWD-41CHOCSH.