Christmas twist on a turron

Created by

  • Claudi Uñó - Chef and owner of pastisseria Uño Spain
level 2

How to make a variation on a Spanish classic? The traditional Spanish turron is made with almonds, honey and egg white, then cut into rectangle shapes. Today, it is often that typical shape which inspires pastry chefs and confectioners to create different variations on the theme. In this recipe, chocolate and nuts lead the flavours. Added decoration of whole nuts and sprinkles can only enhance the eating experience.

Recipe components

Crispy waffles


Melt the milk chocolate and the cocoa butter separately as they have different melting points. Finally mix and temper together.


Add and put in desired moulds. Leave to crystallise.

Gianduja milk truffle

  • 380g
  • 75g

Bring together to the boil.

Pour the cream-glucose mixture over the milk chocolate and the gianduja.

  • 150g

Mix in and emulsify with a blender.

Finishing and presentation

Pour the gianduja milk truffle mixture on the crystallised crispy waffles preparation and leave to set for 24 hours. Decorate with white chocolate motives and spray with an airbrush gun.