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Ceci n’est pas une bière:
Callebaut® reinvents Belgian food icons at Tomorrowland

Wieze (Belgium) – July 2017 – For the fourth year in a row, Callebaut® will immerse the People of Tomorrow in a Belgian chocolate bath. This year the Belgian chocolate maker will treat the international crowd of festivalgoers to the best that Belgian cuisine has to offer: chocolate, beer and pralines. Yet, nothing is what it seems in Callebaut’s Belgitude Chocolate Bar.  A dessert that looks like a blonde beer, yet tastes like chocolate heaven. And a drink that looks a brown stout beer, yet is far from what you’d expect. The Callebaut® Chocolate Heroes will also be present to indulge the taste buds of music enthusiasts with their “Belgian pralines of tomorrow,” creations that won over the hearts of voters during the Chocolate Hero Week in April.

Beans and beats

In 2014, Callebaut® became a partner of Tomorrowland. For the chocolate maker, the festival -  with its visitors from all around the world - is the ideal place to showcase the heritage of Belgian food craftsmanship. Every year since, it has spoiled festivalgoers with delicious Belgian chocolate desserts, making the scent of Finest Belgian Chocolate waft over the meadows of the world-renowned festival. A perfect symbiosis of beans and beats.

Belgian food icons

This year, Callebaut® came up with a brand new, original chocolate dessert that looks like a blonde beer, uniting two famous icons in the Belgian cuisine: beer and chocolate. The dessert consists of a passion fruit jelly, a white chocolate shell, dark chocolate mousse infused with earl grey tea and bergamot, brownie pieces, red berries and a coconut foam. From the outside you will only see the jelly, topped off with coconut foam, giving it the impression of a fresh Belgian beer.

Discover the Belgitude Blonde recipe

The second creation sprouted from the brains of Ghentian barista Valentine Wanders (Het Moment) and multi-award winning mixologist Oliver Jacobs (Jigger’s). The drink looks like a stout that is tapped on the spot, yet it’s a cocoa-infused lemonade made with muscovado sugar and spices. The thirst-quencher is alcohol free, but a gentle dash of rum can be added for those that want an extra injection of flavour.

As always: both Belgitude desserts will be prepared on the spot for Tomorrowland’s gourmets. And the Callebaut® chefs themselves will be present to bring the glorious story of Belgian Chocolate to life.

Tastes of the world

In the Tastes of the world restaurant, ten Belgian chocolate craftsmen will serve their Belgian pralines, inspired by five Trends of Tomorrow. These pralines won over the hearts of chocolate lovers and the Gault&Millau judges during the Chocolate Week, held from the 20th till the 27th of April. At the restaurant – aimed at uniting the People of Tomorrow who enjoy great food from all over the world – they offer every festivalgoer the opportunity to discover a variety of flavours.

The ten chocolatiers that will showcase their chocolate expertise at Tomorrowland during the two festival weekends are:

  • Poppolou Rocks by Olivier Willems from Oostende
  • Gin Praline by Jaël Verleysen from Aalst
  • Moro Gold by Nick Wauters from Sint-Niklaas
  • Green Blossom by Stephen Van Hecke from Ghent
  • Granado by Wim Vyverman from Sint-Niklaas
  • 4 Elements by Eddy Van Tittelboom from  Antwerpen
  • Happy Nose by Anton Van de Maele from Denderhoutem
  • Jhonnys by Nicolas Beugnies from Kortrijk
  • Fresh and Fruity by Nellie Coomans from Kontich
  • Epic Boost by Hannes Dheedene from Deerlijk
Tuesday, 18 July, 2017
Callebaut infuses Tomorrowland with the scent of Belgitude
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