Almond & Hazelnut Praline
The two most popular nuts, combined in one delicious praline

Combining the delicate touch of almonds and the power taste of hazelnuts

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Almond & Hazelnut Praline

Delight your customers with the world's best loved nut flavours.
This praline combines almonds and hazelnuts to create a balance in both intense and very subtle nut flavours.
Our chefs recommend combining it with milder dark or milk chocolates to make all the flavours come out. You can expect a lovely caramelly taste with plenty of fruity notes from the nuts and mild toasted hints.
Callebaut® Almond & Hazelnut Praline is a great flavour base for chocolatiers, patissiers and ice cream makers. You can mix it with chocolate to create a filling for your moulded pralines and tablets. And it’s wonderful for flavouring ice cream, pastry crèmes, bavarois, mousses and so much more.

Where to find Callebaut?

Warm golden colour and velvety mouth feel. Pleasant sweet taste with a delicate balance taste of roasted almonds with intense hazelnut notes and toasted flavours.

Roast level
Golden brown
How to use

Mix with chocolate for fillings or mix into ice cream, mousse or bavarois base to flavour.

Main features

Warm golden praline with 24% almonds and 24% hazelnuts.

  • 24%Hazelnuts
  • 24%Almonds

Available packaging

  • PRAMANO-663
    5kg bucket
    Liquid 5kg bucket

Order code

  • PRAMANO-663 | 5kg bucket | 4 buckets/box | pallet (400kg)

Shelf life

  • months

Order code

  • PRAMANO-T14Liquid | 5kg bucket | 2 buckets/box

Shelf life

  • 12 months