Soft Baker's Coating – Hazelnut
The delicious hazelnut topping that doesn't crumble

Cover your rolls, cookies and cakes with soft hazelnut delight

Soft Top Hazelnut

Soft, flexible coating for bakery that doesn't crack or crumble.
What tastes better than freshly baked rolls, muffins and cakes? Nothing really. But why not try dipping them in Callebaut®'s Soft Baker's Coating – Hazelnut? You'll add a delicious cocoa and hazelnut taste to your bakery products that melts in the mouth.
This hazelnut coating hardens without cracking or crumbling, remains flexible and doesn't stick to the wrapper or packaging. Convenient for you when you're cutting your pastries to present them in your shop – lovely for your customers when they savour them on the go.
What’s more, this coating doesn't need tempering: simply melt it and you're good to go. Hardening only takes a few minutes.

Where to find Callebaut?

Lovely cocoa and hazelnut taste – pleasant semi-soft texture and smooth mouthfeel.

Soft crack
Warm brown
How to use

1. Melt at 40°C
2. Dip in rolls or enrobe cakes with it
3. Leave to harden at 12-16°C for a few minutes

Main features

Hardens into a semi-soft layer without cracking or crumbling.

  • 40.7%Fat


Patisserie & Dessert

Available packaging

  • 5kg bucket

Order code

  • N01-HP40NV-T14 | 5kg bucket | 2 buckets/box

Shelf life

  • 12 months