ChocoGelato Extra Fondente

ChocoGelato Extra Fondente: create real chocolate taste with unrivalled convenience. ChocoGelato Extra Fondente is the first premix made with real Belgian chocolate. Mix it with your gelato preparation for a well-rounded taste and maximum convenience. ChocoGelato Extra Fondente is ideal for creating a wonderful dark brown gelato with the intense flavour of 60% chocolate and rich hints of roasted cocoa. Perfect for creating full-flavoured ice cream easily. 

Where to find Callebaut?

60% chocolate and rich hints of roasted cocoa.

How to use

2,4 kg of Hot Water (70-85°C)
add 1,6 kg ChocoGelato Extra-Fondente
Mix with Immersion Blender (can optionally mature from 30min to 8 hours) and Batch Freeze

Main features

60% Belgian extra dark chocolate. 

  • % min. Cocoa60
  • % min. Milk0
  • % Fat0


Ice Creams & Sorbets

Available packagings

  • MXD-ICE60-E0-V99
    1.6 kg bag

Order code

  • MXD-ICE60-E0-V99 | 1.6 kg bag

Shelf life

  • 18 months