Hard Baker's Coating – Extra Dark
The looks, the taste and the crack of extra dark chocolate,
without the need for tempering

A great alternative to dark chocolate

Hard Top Extra Dark

Tastes, looks and hardens like extra dark chocolate, with a hard crack.
In some conditions, it can be hard or even impossible to work with chocolate, especially in very hot climates or kitchens with too high of a humidity. Here's a coating that really tastes and looks like extra-bitter chocolate, and has a mouthfeel that comes really close. But thanks to its special composition, there is no need to temper Hard Baker's Coating – Extra Dark: simply melt, apply and cool directly. After hardening, the end result has the looks and soft satin gloss of chocolate. It will also have a hard, chocolate-like crack and a very pleasant chocolate taste that's nearly as intense as the real thing.
You can use Hard Baker's Coating – Extra Dark as a great alternative to chocolate. It's ideal for coating or covering biscuits or confectionery, and thanks to its special fat composition, Hard Baker's Coating resists the appearance of fat bloom even better than chocolate - even when applied on cookies, nuts or other ingredients.

Where to find Callebaut?

Very intense, dark colour - intense flavour, comparable to extra dark chocolate.

Hard crack
Extra Dark
How to use

Just melt, apply and leave to set in the fridge (12-16°C).

Main features

Hardens and shines without tempering.

  • 37.3%Fat



Available packaging

  • G-PRVP7-471
    Easy melt 10kg box

Order code

  • G-PRVP7-471Easy melt | 10kg box

Shelf life

  • 18 months


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