Finest Belgian Chocolate – White
Recipe n° CHW-S2BFT

The balanced white chocolate – guaranteed organic and fairtrade

Recipe N° CHW-S2BFT

Guaranteed organic and fairtrade.
This white chocolate recipe is remarkable in every way. It combines a rich and indulgent creamy taste and mouthfeel. In the taste, sweetness and creaminess are perfectly balanced, revealing fresh milky notes and light caramelly notes.
And since it's made with Organically grown and Fairtrade certified ingredients, it's definitely a fair choice for a growing group of chocolate lovers.
With its lower fluidity, this white chocolate is suited for medium enrobing, moulding bars, tablets and hollow figures. It also makes a great base for your homemade ganaches.

Any reference to Fairtrade (FT) requires a valid Fairtrade certificate.

Where to find Callebaut?

Creamy white colour and a perfectly balanced taste with plenty of creamy, milky and caramelly notes.

  • % min. Cocoa28
  • % min. Milk22.8
    % Milk fat6.4
    17.4% Fat free milk
  • % Fat0
    6.4% Milk fat
Bean origin
Mainly West African cocoa beans, mostly Forastero variety.

Available packaging

  • CHW-S2BFT-105
    5kg unwrapped block

Order code

  • CHW-S2BFT-105 | 5kg unwrapped block | 5 blocks/box | Euro pallet (1000kg)

Shelf life

  • months


  • Fairtrade
  • Organic