Flavoured Callets™

Wake up the taste buds with the energising flavours of coffee and chocolate

Cappuccino Callets™

A fusion of dark chocolate, white chocolate and cappuccino.
This delicious chocolate has everything to surprise. With flavours that combine creaminess with roasted cocoa and coffee notes and a slight hint of sweetness to round it off, you have a perfect base to flavour mousses, crémeux, drinks and so much more. Flavoured Callets™ Cappuccino work wonders in ganaches too.
They have a standard fluidity and can be processed like you would do with any regular milk chocolate.Melting, tempering, moulding, enrobing, etc. work in exactly the same way. And as to pairings, you can combine it with expressive and slightly acid fruit flavours like raspberry, strawberry, lemon zest and so much more. Enjoy the ride!

Where to find Callebaut?

Warm brown colour and a taste that has it all: cream, coffee, cocoa and a bit of sweetness.

Main features

Use like regular milk chocolate for enrobing, moulding, dipping or flavouring.

  • % min. Cocoa30.8
    % Cocoa butter29.8
    2.5% Fat free cocoa
  • % min. Milk22.5
    % Milk fat6.2
    16.3% Fat free milk
  • % Fat36.1
    % Cocoa butter29.8
    6.2% Milk fat

Available packaging

    Callets™ 2.5kg bag

Order code

  • CAPPUCCINO-E4-U70 *Callets™ | 2.5kg bag | 4 bags/box | euro pallet

Shelf life

  • 18 months

* This code may not be valid in your country. Please get in touch with your commercial contact.'