Soft Baker's Coating – Dark
Tastes like dark chocolate, works like a charm

Cover your Danish pastries and cakes with great taste and convenience

Soft Top Dark

Great taste and convenience in one.
With this Soft Baker's Coating, you can cover cakes, rolls and biscuits with a coating that looks and tastes like chocolate. It remains semi-soft and doesn’t crumble or crack from the first bite.
Soft Baker's Coating doesn't need tempering and can be used as an alternative to chocolate: simply melt and go. It is rich in cocoa and has a smooth, lovely mouthfeel.
With its unique composition of vegetable fats, it offers you the right fluidity for easy glazing of Danish pastries, rolls, cakes and cookies. After setting, it remains stable, and keeps its great looks and taste for days. Moreover, it helps keep your bakery products from drying out.

Where to find Callebaut?

Soft baker's coating with a deep, dark colour, an intense chocolaty taste and a soft texture.

How to use

Simply melt or soften, then apply as glazing on bakery products.

Main features

The taste and colour of dark chocolate, the convenience of a coating.

  • 39.5%Fat


Patisserie & Dessert

Available packaging

  • Liquid 5kg bucket

Order code

  • B13-HO39-663Liquid | 5kg bucket | 4 buckets/box | pallet (400kg)

Shelf life

  • 18 months