Happy hazelnut bite

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This delicate plated dessert has a deliciously creamy layer of hazelnut butter cream covering a crispy shortbread or sablé Breton biscuit, and is finished off with a few pieces of sponge cake and a refreshing raspberry accent. It’s fresh. It’s distinguished. It’s delightfully crunchy. It’s everything your guests need to look back on your dinner party with yearning and joy.

Recipe components

Used Callebaut products

Happy hazelnut bite


Prepare a butter cream with Hazelnut Praliné, butter, icing sugar, and pastry cream.

  • 15piece(s)
    sable crust
  • 30piece(s)
    sponge cake
  • 15piece(s)
    fresh raspberries

Pipe the butter cream on shortbread biscuits. Decorate them with raspberries and pieces of sponge cake.