Chocolate Baking Drops – Dark – M
The all-round baking drops for small and big baking items

 Medium-sized drops, big in chocolate taste

Bake Stable Chocolate - Dark Baking Drops M - 10kg Callets

100% dark chocolate drops for baking.
When you want to give your smaller and medium-sized bakery products, such as muffins, small cakes, brownies an indulgent chocolate taste, rely on Callebaut®'s medium-sized chocolate baking chips. They're great for any bakes that require shorter to medium baking times and don’t melt away completely during baking.
Their taste? Exquisitely intense Belgian dark chocolate. And with their unique recipe, which contains less cocoa butter, they easily resist oven temperatures up to 200°C without burning. 
We always advise to add the drops at the end of the kneading process and to mix them in very briefly. This prevents the drops from colouring the dough and from melting.

Growing great chocolate

We believe that the success and future of our business depends directly on the future of cocoa cultivation and the cocoa farming communities. That’s why Callebaut® started the Growing Great Chocolate program in 2012.

Where to find?

Medium-sized chocolate chips for baking with a delightful snap and solid chocolate taste.

How to use

Mix in at the end of the dough kneading process.

Main features

Resist oven temperatures up to 200°C.

  • % min. Cocoa48
    % Cocoa butter27.8
    21.7% Fat free cocoa
  • % min. Milk 
  • % Fat27.8
    % Cocoa butter27.8



Available packagings

  • Baking drops M dark slider

Order code

  • VH-9410-554 *Drops |

Shelf life

  • 24 months


  • Kosher Dairy