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Roll. Sprinkle. Scatter. Let your creativity flourish!

Blossoms Milk

Great taste in a mini curl.
Blossoms Milk are tiny rolls made out of Callebaut®'s iconic Belgian milk chocolate. With lovely intense cocoa flavours and a milky taste, Blossoms Milk are great for finishing your confectionery. You can for instance roll brigadeiros or truffles in the blossoms for irresistible looks and chocolate crisp. Or sprinkle them generously on top of ice cream and pastries.
Blossoms Milk are also great to top off your drinks: sprinkle them on top of marshmallows or whipped cream and let them slowly melt away for the ultimate indulgence.

Growing great chocolate

We believe that the success and future of our business depends directly on the future of cocoa cultivation and the cocoa farming communities. That’s why Callebaut® started the Growing Great Chocolate program in 2012.

Where to find?

Made of milk chocolate, blossoms add a festive and sophisticated touch to any creation.

Blossoms Milk
Chocolate type
How to use

Sprinkle on top of desserts, pastries and drinks.

Main features

Tiny rolls crafted in Belgian milk chocolate.

  • 28.1%min. Cocoa
  • 15.9%min. Milk



Patisserie & Dessert



Ice creams & sorbets

Available packagings

  • Blossoms Milk
    curls 1 kg box

Order code

  • CHM-BS-19497-999curls | 1 kg box

Shelf life

  • 18 months


  • KD-