Recipe N° C667

Mix and flavour with mild cocoa and caramel taste.
With its thick fluidity, Recipe N° C667 is a milk chocolate mild in cocoa: just perfect for mixing and flavouring mousses, crémeux and more with a caramelly touch.
Its mild flavour pairs wonderfully with ingredients that have a more bitter, spicy or roasted taste. And it matches beautifully with other milky ingredients.

Growing great chocolate

We believe that the success and future of our business depends directly on the future of cocoa cultivation and the cocoa farming communities. That’s why Callebaut® started the Growing Great Chocolate program in 2012.

Where to find?
mild cocoa - rich in caramel - sweet
Low fluidity
  • % min. Cocoa28
    % Cocoa butter27.6
  • % min. Milk15.8
    % Milk fat4.6
    12.2% Fat free milk
  • % Fat32.2
    % Cocoa butter27.6
    4.6% Milk fat
Bean origin
To achieve a perfectly balanced and round taste, we blend cocoa beans from 3 different countries of origin: Ivory Coast, Ghana and Ecuador.

Available packagings

  • GM - CAL - Hero Packshot - C667 Callets 10 kg
    Callets™ 10kg bag

Order code

  • C667NV-554Callets™ | 10kg bag | 2 bags/box | Euro pallet

Shelf life

  • 18 months


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