Roasted & Blanched Whole Almonds
Enjoy the all-natural sweetness of almonds, without the skin

Play with crispy textures, amaze with natural flavours

Roasted & blanched whole almonds

100% pure almonds without skin.
With their subtle, bittersweet taste, almonds are probably the most delicate of nuts. Callebaut® sources almonds in orchards across Europe and California to offer you premium-quality with a fresh and fruity nut taste.
Harvested when they're fully sunripe and stored in the best conditions, our almonds preserve the maximum of their flavour and natural properties. They are shelled max. 12 hours before being roasted and packed within 12 hours after.
Roasted & Blanched Whole Almonds are 100% pure and natural. We briefly blanch the almonds to remove their skin which has a bitter taste. Short, mild roasting awakens their fruity flavours and brings out subtle toasted notes. These almonds are great to sprinkle on freshly dipped or enrobed confectionery, desserts or pastries. They're also the perfect base for creating your homemade almond pralines.

Where to find Callebaut?

Crunchy bite with fresh almond taste and subtle toasted flavours.

Roast level
Pale creamy-golden colour
How to use

Sprinkle on top of freshly dipped confectionery, pastries and desserts.

Main features

Pure taste, great crisp.

  • 100%Almonds

Available packagings

  • Roasted & blanched whole almonds
    nuts whole 5kg vacuum bag

Order code

  • NUN-WN-AL2B-T64nuts whole | 5kg vacuum bag | 4 bags/box | Euro pallet (480 kg)

Shelf life

  • 9 months