Small Tagliatelli – Dark
Rugged or refined, these fine chocolate curls give you all the options

Sign off your desserts with great chocolate taste

Small Tagliatelli

100% dark chocolate in fine strings.
Small Tagliatelli are fine curls crafted from 100% dark chocolate. They taste indulgently intense and have a delightful snap. What's more is that Small Tagliatelli enable you to create the visual presentation you're after.
Sprinkle them richly or arrange them in a small nest for a decadently rough and artisan look. Hand picking and arranging them scarcely on your cakes and desserts will create a more stylised presentation.

Cocoa Horizons Foundation

The Finest Belgian Chocolate needs the finest cocoa beans. Today and tomorrow. For every pack of Finest Belgian Chocolate you buy, we reinvest a part in sustainable cocoa farming through the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.

Where to find Callebaut?

Irregular, fine strings in 100% dark chocolate.

Small Tagliatelli
Chocolate type
How to use

For the decoration of pastries, desserts and drinks.

Main features

Crafted in Belgian dark chocolate.

  • 48%min. Cocoa


Patisserie & Dessert


Ice creams & sorbets

Available packagings

  • Small tagliatelle
    curls 600g box

Order code

  • CHD-SV-13964-999curls | 600g box | 4 boxes/box

Shelf life

  • 24 months


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