Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

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The Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches with an oozing caramel centre elevates a classic dessert to the next level. For the operator looking to add that extra something special to its to-go offering, this dessert can be customised for an occasion or season.

Recipe components

Callebaut® ingredients

Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich


Beat the butter and sugars together until pale and smooth
Add in the flour and cocoa powder and mix well
Add the egg to bring the mix together to form a dough
Fold through the Callebaut 811 Dark Chocolate Callets
Roll the dough into balls weighing 90g each
Bake at 180c for 10 minutes
Squash 40g of vanilla ice cream onto a silicone cookie mat (7cm size inserts)
Using a 2cm circular cookie cutter, cut out the centre of the ice cream disk
Pipe caramel into the centre and then freeze the ice cream disks until ready to serve


Take two cookies, place an ice cream disk between the cookies and press them together
Half dip the cookie into melted chocolate of your choice
Enjoy immediately!