Ganache for moulded pralines with ruby rb1

Created by

  • Ryan Stevenson - Baker, Paddock Bakery

When mixing ruby with creams or water-based ingredients, it can happen that the typical taste and colour fade. That’s normal: ruby is made from the ruby cocoa bean. By adding creams, etc the natural pH of ruby chocolate changes – leading to a dilution of its taste and colour.

With this ganache recipe, you’ll prevent this from happening. The end result has a sparkling ruby colour and taste. Its texture is perfect for piping into moulded bonbons, bars and praline shells.

Recipe instructions

(Fill in the desired quantity and recalculate)

Ganache with ruby RB1 for moulded pralines

  • 273g
    35% cream
  • 4g
    beetroot powder
  • 81g
  • 55g
  • 54g
    glucose DE 60
  • 61g
    dry butter PF28

Warm to 40°C.

Melt to 35°C. Add and emulsify  with hand mixer.

Bring into piping bag. Pipe into moulded chocolate shells. Leave to set before sealing.


  • Ideally mould the praline shells twice with ruby RB1 to create a sufficiently thick shell.
  • Use beetroot powder as a colouring agent. It’s powerful and doesn’t influence the taste of your recipe.
  • This only serves as one example of a ganache. There are 100 other ways to also obtain great results!