Royal caramel

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  • Callebaut® CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Belgium -
level 2

Some people simply have a crush on caramel - admittedly we belong to that same category. A recipe that just pushes the boundaries of how much caramel you can have in one fabulous dessert is an absolute winner in our opinion. So here we go: caramel with a lovely crisp, some hazelnut hints and a caramel-flavoured chocolate. Heaven does exist.

Royal caramel

Recipe components

Almond mandarine biscuit

  • 1200g
    egg white
  • 500g
    caster sugar


  • 400g
    icing sugar
  • 460g
    almond powder
  • 220g

Sieve and mix in.

  • 120g
    whipped cream
  • 200g
    candied mandarine boiron


Bake at 180°C for 7 minutes.

Caramel milk chocolate mousse


Melt at 45°C.

  • 2400g
    soft whipped cream