CHOCOLATE SKILLS 2.0 - 'Çikolatada İleri Seviye' - 'Chocolate The Next Level'

Gain fresh insight to differentiate your pralines from the competition in the world of chocolate confections. This Hands-On will provide you with the tools, techniques and methods necessary for you to customize your creations so they stand out in the crowd. Learn enrobing techniques with the use an enrobing machine as well as creative decors and finishing touches for your chocolates with master chocolatier and technical director of the Chocolate Academy™ Istanbul, Yeşim Erol. This professional workshop will play with shapes, flavors, textures and colorful cocoa butter spraying techniques.


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CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Turkey, Istanbul
Level 2
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Level Level 2


You are a professional with good knowledge of chocolate. You are familiar with the tempering of chocolate and the basic techniques. This course does not discuss tempering or cooling chocolates.

Designed for participants who have confidence in their skills of wkrking with chocolate, have worked as a craftsperson or completed the Chocolate Academy Beginners course.

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CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Turkey, Istanbul

We are organizing practical and theoretical courses for chocolatier, pastry chef, candy craftsmen, bakers and caterers. The curriculum includes beginner, advanced and specialized courses on chocolate processing and a range of techniques and applications - from molding, enrobing and sculpting to decorations and flavorings.

In addition to our Technical Advisors, the members of our Ambassador Club Chefs are also been in the CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center. This Club has more than 70 world renown Ambassadors. These Ambassadors help us test and develop new products and recipes, additionally they help us for our costumer trainings.

To provide good communicate with all our people who wants to learn everything about chocolate, the number of participant is limited 8-12. We recommend you that register early. We look forward to sharing our passion for chocolate with you!

Barry Callebaut Eurasia, Nidakule Ataşehir Kuzey, Barbaros Mah. Begonya Sok. No:3 / 197 24th Floor
Ataşehir – İstanbul