Pretty in pink

Colourful brightness, caramelly sweetness and the deliciously wholesome taste of beetroot: this white chocolate drink combines them all. If its appetising looks don’t win over your customers, its refreshing combination of flavours definitely will. An additional tip from World Champion Latte Art Peter Hernou: the more beetroot juice you add, the more vivid the beverage’s colour. So don’t be thrifty with the bright red superfood!

Recipe instructions

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Pretty in pink

  • Q.S.
    whipped cream
  • 10ml
    beetroot juice

Prepare freshly whipped cream and fold in the beetroot juice to give it colour.

Pour milk in a pitcher, add the beetroot juice and steam up to ± 72°C. Put a few white Callets™ in a glass and pour the milk in it.

  • Q.S.

Top with whipped cream and decorate with Crispearls™.

Tip: add more beetroot juice to get a more vivid colour.