ChocoGranita – Fondente

Authentic Granita Siciliana with real Belgian chocolate. 

The availability of your Callebaut products may be temporarily affected due to the exceptional halt of our production site in Wieze, Belgium, end June. The factory has been cleaned and is operational again. However, certain products may be low or out of stock, and delivery times may be extended. More about this here.

ChocoGranita Fondente

Ideal for creating a Sicilian original. ChocoGranita Fondente brings out an intense chocolate flavour and has a velvety texture that lies perfectly between a sorbet and a slush. Its lovely granita consistency can be customized by adding more or less water to the ice cream preparation. Play with its texture by serving it from a vaschetta, or from the classic slush machine. 

Where to find Callebaut?

Ready-to-use base for the preparation of an authentic chocolate granita Siciliana. Made with real dark chocolate.

How to use

• Mix with 2.1-2.6 kg water (70 85°C) (adjust the quantity of water to the taste: more water yields a more liquid texture / less water yields a thicker texture)
• Pour into batch freezer and start ‘granita’ program.
• Alternatively: can also be prepared in slush machines

Main features

46,5% Belgian dark chocolate. 

  • % min. Cocoa0
  • % min. Milk 
  • % Fat0
  • 46.5%Chocolate


Ice creams & sorbets

Available packaging

  • MXD-ICE46GS-E0-V99
    800g bag

Order code

  • MXD-ICE46GS-E0-X27 * | 800g bag | 10 bags/box | Euro pallet (336kg)
  • MXD-ICE46GS-X27 * | 800g bag | 10 bags/box | Euro pallet (336kg)

Shelf life

  • 18 months


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