Ice Chocolate Gold

The gold chocolate for dipping ice cream sticks and straciatella: spoil with the snappy decadence of caramel
Ice Chocolate GOLD is is pure luxury, combining the velvety mouthfeel of chocolate with an intensely rewarding caramel taste and golden colour. Expect an intense caramel taste with rich butter toffee notes, and a pinch of sea salt to deepen the taste.
Thanks to its its high cocoa butter content, Ice Chocolate GOLD is perfect for dipping gelato sticks and stracciatella, requiring no tempering. Simply melt the chocolate and you're ready to go. The chocolate will harden within seconds in or around ice cream and enrobe it with a deliciously snappy layer. It furthermore melts quickly in the mouth to release its addictive caramel chocolate taste.

Where to find Callebaut?

intense - balanced - rich toffee hints

Very high fluidity
How to use

• Just melt at 45°C – No tempering needed
• Keep warm during service to prevent the chocolate from thickening
• For dipping: dip ice sticks once or twice to create the chocolate coating with your preferred thickness

  • % min. Cocoa35.9
  • % min. Milk28.9
  • % Fat42.6

Available packaging

  • Packshot ice chocolate gold
    Callets™ 2.5kg bag

Order code

  • ICE-42-GOLD-552Callets™ | 2.5kg bag | 4 bags/box | Euro pallet (500kg)

Shelf life

  • 12 months


  • KD-
  • Halal