As from Autumn 2020, your favourite chocolate decorations will appear under the Mona Lisa decorations brand.

For the ruggedly crafted finishing touch of desserts and pastries

The availability of your Callebaut products may be temporarily affected due to the exceptional halt of our production site in Wieze, Belgium, end June. The factory has been cleaned and is operational again. However, certain products may be low or out of stock, and delivery times may be extended. More about this here.

Shavings Milk

Give a twist of abundance to your desserts.
Chocolate Shaving Milk are crafted from solid blocks of Callebaut®'s Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate into artisan, brittle curls. They have a solid cocoa body with warm caramelly notes.
These shavings work wonders as finishing touch on your forêt noire or Sachertorte. But there's so much more you can do: roll truffles and brigadeiros in shavings to cover them lavishly. And when you top off your hot drinks with shavings, you're sure to spoil your customers with excellent taste while the chocolate melts away slowly. Sprinkle them on top of desserts, ice creams and pastries to create a decadently rugged look with a lovely milk chocolate taste.

Where to find Callebaut?

Finely shaved chocolate in irregular snappy, rugged pieces - immediately melts in the mouth and releases a lovely milk chocolate flavour with cocoa and caramelly notes.

Shavings Milk
Chocolate type
How to use

For the decoration pastries, desserts and drinks.

Main features

Crafted in Belgian milk chocolate.

  • 28.1%min. Cocoa
  • 15.9%min. Milk



Patisserie & Dessert



Ice creams & sorbets

Available packaging

  • Shavings Milk
    2.5kg box

Order code

  • CHM-SV-13945-999 * | 2.5kg box

Shelf life

  • 18 months


  • Kosher Dairy