Recipe N° C667

Perfect for ganaches and moulding of medium to bigger hollow figures.
Recipe n° C667 is a less fluid chocolate based on the 667 recipe. This very milky and sweet milk chocolate with pleasant caramelly notes is ideal for chocolate lovers that prefer lighter flavours. In pairings, the 667 balances out nicely with ingredients that have more bitter, spicy or roasted flavours. It also matches very well with milky ingredients. 
The C667 contains about 3% less cocoa butter and is less fluid. The less runny texture allows for perfect control of the texture, for instance to create ganaches with a smooth mouthfeel. The C667 also allows moulding of hollow figures with a thicker shell: hollow figures of about 25-35 cm can be moulded in 1 go. 

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mild cocoa - rich in caramel - sweet
Low fluidity
  • % min. Cocoa28
    % Cocoa butter27.6
  • % min. Milk15.8
    % Milk fat4.6
    12.2% Fat free milk
  • % Fat32.2
    % Cocoa butter27.6
    4.6% Milk fat

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Shelf life

  • 18 months


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