Hot Chocolate – Dark Callets™
Stir and melt your own genuine Belgian hot chocolate

Belgian hot chocolate now comes with a comforting drinking ritual

Hot Chocolate – Dark Callets™

The dark, intense chocolate to stir in hot milk.
With the Hot Chocolate – Dark Callets™, you can serve your guests the indulgence of a real Belgian hot chocolate with intense chocolate taste and rich cocoa flavours. And they’ll love the ritual that comes with it: stirring the chocolate until it's is melted and releases its full-bodied flavour. Packed in handy single portions – 35 g of chocolate, the perfect dose for 200 ml of milk – these Dark Callets™ deliver Callebaut‘rs iconic chocolate flavour and a lovely customer experience.

Cocoa Horizons Foundation

The Finest Belgian Chocolate needs the finest cocoa beans. Today and tomorrow. For every pack of Finest Belgian Chocolate you buy, we reinvest a part in sustainable cocoa farming through the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.

Where to find Callebaut?
rich cocoa - balanced - smooth - fruity hints
Standard fluidity
How to use

Pour, melt and stir in steamed milk.

Main features

Single-portion sachets of Callebaut®'s iconic dark chocolate to flavour 200 ml of hot (non-dairy) milk.

  • % min. Cocoa54.5
    % Cocoa butter23.6
    19.4% Fat free cocoa
  • % min. Milk0
  • % Fat36.6
    % Cocoa butter36.6
Bean origin
Mainly West African cocoa beans, mostly Forastero variety.


Available packagings

  • 811NV-T97
    Callets™ 35g sachet

Order code

  • 811NV-T97Callets™ | 35g sachet | 25 sachets/display box

Shelf life

  • 24 months