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Jean-Marc Bernelin


自从 2002 年后,我们的亚太地区的贸易专家便非常熟悉 Jean-Marc Bernelin,他是 Callebaut Asia Pacific (S) Pte Ltd 的技术顾问。Jean-Marc 热切希望成为专业的糕点厨师,他明白必须首先获得一项学术成果,才能开展自己的事业。因此,从 1992 年到 1996 年,他在巴黎商会参加专业的糕点课程。
在此期间,Jean-Marc 在巴黎不同的糕点店作为 FERRANDI 的实习生工作。在 1994 年,他被选为法国最佳学徒,并获得 Arpagon 竞赛初级组的特等奖。
获得该奖项确实使得 Jean-Marc 在不同的国家和组织中从学徒变为专业的糕点厨师,例如在他服兵役期间,担任总理公署的糕点厨师。
从 1998 年到 1999 年 Jean-Marc 成为阿联酋 Hediard 的糕点厨师后,他的职业生涯上升到了另一个高度。他的责任是监管糕点面包部门、开店、制定所有配方以进行所有餐馆宣传。 
从 1999 年到 2001 年,Jean-Marc 在新加坡继续其职业生涯,在一家法式糕点店担任糕点和面包厨师。除了担任上述职务外,Jean-Marc 还有其他任务;从材料购买、培训、组织餐饮服务到确保店内客户满意度。在 2002 年的世界名厨峰会上,他作为 Inniskillin 糕点厨师甚至被提名为该年度的优秀奖。 


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You are working as a professional with a thorough knowledge about the process and want to improve in the field of chocolate. Since some time you work on a professional basis with chocolate and have knowledge about most of the techniques.

A highly specialised course designed for participants with a high level of chocolate skills.

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CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre China, Shanghai

This unique professional training center in China will allow you to follow classes with focused themes, improve your working skills with fine chocolate, and learn about latest trends, techniques and recipes. A great emphasis will also be put on providing you the opportunity to to meet other talented professionals and to share together your passion about chocolate.
Renowned guest chefs, including Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF), and our experienced Cacao Barry technical advisors, will be guiding you through the classes and sharing with you their expertise and know-how. We are looking forward to sharing with you our passion about chocolate.

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