Pastry - Full immersion

Pastry - Full immersion

'Full immersion' days

Immerse yourself completely in the world of pastry and take your skills to the next level! 

Under the expert guidance of our Callebaut chefs, you will spend five days immersed in a comprehensive pastry programme which is tailored to your specific demands and requirements. The intensive contact will allow you to make huge progress in a very short time and develop your skills to the full. Your time at the Academy ends with a specialist themed course, allowing you to build on your achievements at a professional level.

Hereunder you can find a summary of what you will learn during this course: 

  • Trendy French pastry (2 days) : Chef Mathieu Dierinck takes you along the world of new pastry with trendy finishing touch and decorations. 
  • Themed course (2 days) : Chef Jérôme Landrieu takes you to a journey of discovery :  he shares his expertise in adding a "French flair" to some of the best pastries from around the globe. Experiment with new flavors and texture combinations to create your own unique versions of some of the world’s best pastries. He presents his latest pastry creations in buffet style, offering you an abundance of inspirational ideas of entremets, petits gateaux and tart.
  • Guided trend tour through Belgians best pastry shops (1 day) 

Price with VAT inclusive.

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You are a professional with good knowledge of chocolate. You are familiar with the tempering of chocolate and the basic techniques. This course does not discuss tempering or cooling chocolates.

Designed for participants who have confidence in their skills of wkrking with chocolate, have worked as a craftsperson or completed the Chocolate Academy Beginners course.

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We love to share our know-how and passion with you

At the CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center in Belgium, all courses are given by the Callebaut Technical Advisors and Chocolate Ambassadors with their long experience of working with Callebaut products.

Whether you want to learn the basic skills of chocolate processing or master the art of creating refined chocolate pastries and desserts, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

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