Hazelnut-cocoa gingerbread with orange

Created by

  • Annette Klingelhöfer - Ambassador

Annette Klingelhöfer is fascinated by the stories behind the pastry ingredients. She travels the world to get to know the people who supply flour, milk, cheese, but also vanilla and cocoa beans. It's all about picking the best and sharing the passion. Her Hazelnut-Cocoa Gingerbread with Orange, for instance, is full of ingredients with a rich story behind it, such as our Single Origin Madagascar chocolate. 

Recipe instructions

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Hazelnut-cocoa ginger bread


Mix together and knead into a dough. Leave to rest in a cool enviroment for several weeks.

  • 30g

Add and knead agin. Roll out and cut into pieces of ginger bread. Bake at 180 degrees for 15 minutes. 

  • Q.S.
    orange blossom extract

Soak gingerbread in the orange extract 

Orange jelly

  • 32g
  • 640g
    caster sugar
  • 600g
    orange juice
  • 240g
  • Q.S.
    cinnamon powder
  • Q.S.
    dried cloves
  • Q.S.
    star anise
  • Q.S.
    finely chopped lemon zest

Heat together at 106 degrees. Pour into frame and leave to cool. Cut into small pieces. 

Hazelnut-orange ganache

  • 1350g
  • 115g
    wildflower honey
  • 300g
    orange juice
  • 900g
    mandarin orange liqueur
  • Q.S.
    cinnamon powder
  • Q.S.
    dried cloves
  • Q.S.
    star anise
  • 2bean(s)
    vanilla bean

Mix together and heat up to 40 degrees. 

  • 3400g

Melt at 35 degrees

  • 675g

Add to Robot-Coupe along with all other ingredients and emulsify. 

Leave to crystallise in a fridge overnight.

Finishing and assembly:

Arrange a piece of orange jelly on top of the ginger bread pieces and pipe a bit of hazelnut-orange ganache in top. Enrobe the whole with dark chocolate and decorate to taste.