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Supporting farmers to increase productivity

There are many challenges faced by cocoa-growing communities in Africa. The challenges include limited knowledge of good agricultural practices, aging farms and depleted soil, limited access to education, medical facilities, and safe drinking water; and lack of financing options, infrastructure, and transportation.

These can prevent families from having decent livelihoods with access to education and healthcare, and may drive the next generation away from cocoa farming.

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To safeguard the future of cocoa, we must support farmers to increase their yield per hectare, and help them earn a better income from cocoa farming.

Your choice for Callebaut Finest Belgian Chocolate helps to create thriving communities. Two ways in which we do this are by:

Training farmers

Training enables farmers to grow cocoa sustainably and responsibly, increase their yields and improve farmer family livelihood. On top, Callebaut also commits to training young generations of farmers and to turning the profession into an attractive career.

Callebaut also focuses on training young women to become ambassadors in agroforestry farming. It allows farmers to grow food or energy crops in parallel to nursing young cocoa trees to productivity - with biomass and nutrient accumulation replacing fertilizer. It puts their care for food and energy crops on par with the focus on male farmers and therefore allows for a more parietal running of the entire farm. The agroforestry approach furthermore helps the women to create a self-supportive food system, saving money they would otherwise have to spend on purchasing food and fertiliser.

Paying a farmer premium

This premium directly increases their income from cocoa farming and enables farmers to invest in their farms and communities. Currently, we have programs in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Tanzania.