Hazelnut Ecl1pse enrobed chocolates

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  • Clare England - Chefs at the CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center UK
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Recipe components

Callebaut® ingredients

Hazelnut Ecl1pse enrobed chocolates

  • 1bag(s)
    IBC Guitar Sheets

Line a four sided tray 25cm x 35cm.

  • 200g
    roasted hazelnut pieces

Sprinkle on top of guitar sheet.

Pre-crystallise together to 25°-26°C. Pour into the frame, onto the hazelnut pieces. Allow to crystallise at least 2 hours at 12°C 

Cut into desired shapes.

  • .
    Ecl1pse Belgian Milk Chocolate

Enrobe sides of each piece in pre-crystallised chocolate leaving the top surfaced of broken hazelnuts exposed. Leave to harden completely at 12°C for at least 2 hours.