Created by

  • Philippe Vancayseele - Master Chocolatier Senior, Montreal Chocolate Academy™ Training Center
level 3

Inspired by the Style Rebellion trend, Callebaut chef Philippe Vancayseele designed a gourmet still life that simply bursts with colours and flavours. But the real taste eruption happens when you make the iconoclastic piece of chocolate art come to life: let a torrent of creamy chocolate sauce flow down your miniature chocolate Vesuvius and cover your brightly coloured cigarette dough shells in intense dark chocolate taste. This is no ordinary plated dessert. This is a chocolate re-enactment of the Pompeii incident that will strike your customers and dinner guests with amazement.

Recipe components

Chocolate crémeux

  • 250g
  • 250g
    35% cream

Boil together.

  • 90g
    egg yolks
  • 70g

Whisk together. Add to previous mixture and heat up to 85°C.


  • 2leaf/leaves

Add and emulsify. Pour into a bowl and leave to crystallise in refrigerator at 4°C.