Lemon and white chocolate pannacotta

Created by

  • Alexandre Bourdeaux - Ambassador Chocolate Academy Benelux
  • Charles Nouwen - Global Director Product Exploration & Development chez AB-Inbev Belgium

Comfort food in a dessert dish: that's what this recipe is about. The flavours are white chocolate and caramelised banana. Lemon zest freshens up the palate. A simple preparation that brings great pleasure. It can be served with a white beer boasting slightly acidic hints to complete the sensory experience.

Recipe instructions

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Lemon and white chocolate panna cotta


Boil the milk, remove from heat and add the lemon peel. Let it steep. Melt the white chocolate, mix in the gelatin and emulsify. When it reaches 35°C, add the cream. Pour into individual glasses and allow it to set by cooling down in the fridge.