Hazelnut Praline with No Added Sugar
Yet as lovely sweet as your traditional praline

Flavour your fillings and desserts - yet without the sugars

Hazelnut Praline without Added Sugar

With 60% medium roasted hazelnuts.
Here’s a perfect alternative to hazelnut praline – yet with no added sugar and a taste that's practically indistinguishable from traditional pralines. For this recipe, we use maltitol instead of traditional sugar, creating a praline with toasted hazelnut flavours and plenty of fresh, fruity hints and a sweet, caramelly taste.
Callebaut® Hazelnut Praline with No Added Sugar is just perfect for mixing with chocolate to create the filling of your moulded and enrobed pralines and tablets. It’s great too for flavouring your ice cream, pastry crèmes, bavarois, mousses and so much more.
You can use the claim "no added sugar" on your finished products if you combine this praline with other ingredients that have no added sugar, for instance Callebaut® chocolate with no added sugar.

Where to find Callebaut?

Pronounced taste of medium roasted hazelnuts with pronounced fruit and caramelly, yet without added sugars.

How to use

Mix with chocolate to create confectionery fillings or mix in ice cream, mousse, bavarois base to flavour.

Main features

Golden praline with 60% hazelnuts, based on maltitol.

Available packaging

  • MALPRA-668
    30kg bucket

Order code

  • MALPRA-668 | 30kg bucket

Shelf life

  • 12 months