100% finely grated
dark chocolate.


ChocoGrattato: create your own signature gelato flavour. ChocoGrattato 100% dark chocolate is finely grated to easily mix in your ice cream preparations. Combine the powder with ChocoBase for a rich and intense chocolate taste. ChocoGrattato powder is perfect to create chocolate gelato bursting with an intense, deep dark chocolate flavour. 

Where to find?

Rich and intense chocolate taste.

How to use

Add water and Callebaut ChocoBase.
Mix with immersion blender.

Main features

100% dark chocolate.To be mixed with the ChocoBase for a well-rounded, intense chocolate taste. 

  • % min. Cocoa62
  • % min. Milk0
  • % Fat0


Ice creams & sorbets

Available packagings

  • M-6CHRA-P-E0-X27
    800g bag

Order code

  • M-6CHRA-P-E0-X27 | 800g bag | 10 bags/box | Euro pallet (336kg)

Shelf life

  • 24 months


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